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Need help at the K-12 National Grade Championships this weekend

After finding out about our work with on our QUEEN'S CUP CHALLENGE- our all girls/women event (and a few key cancellations), US Chess Women's Committee Chair has asked JAXCC to support the 2017 Girl's Room at Nationals this Friday-Sunday.  I accepted on our behalf.
The room is for girls, their parents, coaches and family to stop by and play relax, analyze games, paint nails and socialize between games. 
We will get to spend time with two excellent chess players who will be in the room to support girls - Women's International Master (WIM) Carolina Blanco & the current U.S. Champion Sabina Foisor, a Womens Grandmaster (WGM). Be right there as the analyze games or teach the people in the room over the 3 days. Few people get this kind of access, especially to the current US Champion. 

We're asking for people who will volunteer one or two rounds  coverage in the Girls Club Room on Saturday or Sunday.  Friday is filled already.  We also need people to rotate coverage at the Women's Chess table near's table. 
Please send a response if you are open to donating a round or two to help on the biggest stage ever.