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Scholastic Program

We are happy to support youth chess development in North Florida / South Georgia by offering training, tournaments and connection to the larger chess community.

Tournament Activity

Our monthly offering of U.S.C.F. rated  tournament play. There is also a non-rated section for players who want the feel of a USCF event, but want to ease into more competitive tournament play. There will be a tournament every month and all youth players are welcome. Note: USCF member ID is required to register for all rated play. Players must bring their own sets and clocks. 

2016 Fall Scholastic Series (K-12)

We will resume our offering of USCF rated tournament play for scholastic players this Fall here are the dates:  September 10th, October 15th and December 10th. These events are sections dedicated only to youth players - no adults. Player ability can vary from unrated newbies to stronger beginner and players with ratings close to 1000 USCF. Most of our scholastic events have between 10 and 20 players, but as word continues to spread more new players join JAXCC and new rivals enter. We offer multiple sections in an effort to match playing strengths. Many of our best scholastic players have moved on the play in the adult tournaments. Several have now competed in regional, state and national tournaments. All of this in just one year of existence! We're very happy with our progress to date.

Youth Chess Club (Sundays)

Starting September 18th, we begin meeting every Sunday at 1:30p to 4p. at San Jose Church of Christ and offers new and developing players a place to be paired up against players of similar age (6 to 15) and relative playing abilities. The program has fun games, game study, puzzles, and club ladder. Visitors are welcome afterwards, club membership is required to continue to come and participate.

Chess Skills Development Program (Sunday)

Instruction in chess can be very expensive and personal coaching can cost as little as $50/hr to over $100/hr (depending location and coach's qualifications. Most scholastic players need help with fundamentals and blunder prevention. Later more conceptual instruction is needed to understand tactics and how to exploit strategic advantages. JAXCC offers semester based training every quarter with 8 sessions of students capped per group. 2016 JAXCC- FALL Development Program . Classes are offered on Sundays at San Jose Church of Christ from 1:30 to 4 pm in three groups: PAWNS (beginners), Minors (below USCF 500) and Majors (Up to USCF 1000). Cost is about $10/per session when purchased together.

Resources for Parents &  Youth Players

First-Chess-Tournament.doc-2 for those who are new to playing tournaments       SlideShow_TournamentFormat_and_Rules - learn basic information about how tournaments are conducted and how to get your player ready.                   Introduction to Scholastic Tournaments by Georgia Chess Assn.                               A Parents Guide to Scholastic Tournaments by Laura Doman, G.S.A.