G/65;d5 for 3 rounds.

Entry fee: $20 online / $30 walk-up

Registration: 9am to 9:45. No entry after registration closes. Walk-up prices +$10 over online price. Online registration closes at 11pm Friday, March 10th.

Round times: 10am, 1pm & 3:30

Quad winner: $50

What are quads: The top four players are placed into their own section (a “quad”), then the next four highest in another section, and so on down the list. The players in each quad play a round robin, one game against each of the players in their section, for a total of three games each. If there is not an even multiple of four players, the lowest section (usually) will have the few extra players and play a three round Swiss tournament rather than a round robin.

We've had a great response to this event and we've closed the online registration at 34 players (19 players in the OPEN/Reserve & 15 scholastic). We have about 12 more scholastics coming from our training program who are preregistered. Therefore, we expect close to 50 players based upon those who have asked to be listed and will register in the morning. Come early so we can keep to our schedule. Remember only cash or check tomorrow. Check in: 8:30 for scholastics and 9:30 for OPEN/Reserve event. 

Location Ramada Inn Baymeadows & I-95 for both events for US Chess Federation members (new players can join on site)

 Scholastic (youth players only K-12) Event:  8:30 Check in. Round 1 at 9:00 The second is the kick off of our 2017 Winter Scholastic Series for youth players featuring 4 rounds with G/30;d5 and 2 sections K-12 Open & K-6 U700. See event tab. Register online until Friday night at 11 pm on www.chessregister.com. Walk up accepted but must complete registration before 8:45. Cash or check only for on site purchases.

OPEN & Reserve Event: All players 9:30 check in. Round 1 at 10:00   Saturday we will host two events: February Open Event with 5 rounds swiss G/45;d5 in 2 sections OPEN & Reserve (U1500).  The prize fund for this event is over $400 and the entry fee was purposely set at the low price of $30. Check in by 9:30. Round 1 at 10 am. See event tab. Register online until Friday night at 11 pm on www.chessregister.com. Walk up accepted but must complete registration before 8:45. Cash or check only for on site purchases.

email jaxchessclub@gmail.com with questions

Winter Scholastic Series Event 1 of 3 

Entry fee: $20. Students (K-12): 4 round Swiss format K-12 chess tournament with time controls set at 30 minutes for each player with a 5 sec delay (4SS G/30;d5). Players are grouped by rating and unrated players are welcome. All players must have an active USCF ID#. Players can renew/register with USCF on site. Prizes are trophies for top three in each section and Grand Prix points for overall tournament placement with series medal for participants. All players have must their own board, set and clocks. Equipment on sale at event. Email question to jaxchessclub@gmail.com. TD Kevin Pryor reserves the right to combine sections. Click here for scholastic registration. 

February Open & Reserve Event 

EF: $30. Open tournament with 2 sections $400 in prize money (b/o 25 entries). G/45;d5. Prizes to section winners. Under prizes for U2000, 1800, 1650 & U1200. Registration closes at 9:45. Round 1 starts at 10 am. Late receives 1st rd bye. JAXCC members can use the discounted price (see discount section). This event is dual rated. Email jaxchessclub@gmail.com with any questions. Click here for OPEN/Reserve registration.

Our Winter semester has begun at San Jose Church of Christ in their Family Life Center (just right of the Chapel/steeple). Register upon entry. Make checks payable to JAXCC. This year the program leaders Kevin Pryor and Carmen Rojas will be joined by Wes Price. Wes was one of the founding members of the Hampton, VA chess program that was featured in Chess Life Kids magazine. We're happy to have him.


Special thanks to San Jose Church of Christ for the kindness they have shown our club by letting us squeeze in between service times on Sunday. They are awesome people who really love seeing the kids come and play.

Annual Club Members Meeting - No tournament this Saturday. All registered members as of 1/1/2017 are invited to attend to hear the state of the club and to offer their services to helping the club grow. 

Meeting Agenda
M/90;d5 = meeting in 90 minutes with a 5 sec delay 😀 for those who wanted a tournament on Saturday.
1, State of the Club (Finances, assets, Board introductions, program report & membership report)
2. 2017 Plan for Governance & Program (vote on acceptance of new board by adult & family membership holders only)
3. Idea session (input and feedback from members)
4. Call to action (assignment of tasks/roles/work). 
PLEASE RESPOND if you will attend, so I know how much food to buy. This is not a meeting for children. Parents of Youth members can attend, but youth membership holders cannot vote. One adult from a family membership can vote.   
Time: 2 pm 
Location: 8694 Ethans Glen Terrace, JAX 32256
Duration: 90 minutes