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Coming Soon: Membership Page

Two questions come up more often than any others when it comes to the club coming back online after three years: How can I become a member and do you have your own place? We are working on adding a membership management function to our website, but there is a learning curve to program it. We are very close. In fact, you can see the newly installed link on the header. Once active, you will be able to join by using PayPal or your credit card. We will also take memberships via mail or at our tournaments.

Next question: Where is your club located? At present we meet in two primary locations for friendly chess (Avenues Mall on Sundays afternoons & Books-A-Million on Thursday evenings) and UNF has been the location of our rated tournaments. However, we do not have a permanent home like we did in the club's glory days. In those days the club was part owners of a building near Beach and University Blvds. At present, we have a few ideas, but a permanent home is not yet available. If you know of a place that might host us, please email us. We'll follow-up.