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2018 Winter Training Program / Kids Club

JAXCC Chess Development Program for club members

Our program is one of the best for developing solid beginner to intermediate level youth players. Last semester we had 55 kids enrolled and ended with a 40 player tournament. Our goal is to present chess in a way that creates a love for the game and skills improvement in ever player. Along the way, many of them become "chess buds" who socialize and get together away from chess. Our US Chess Certified instructors are great with kids and are tournament players themselves. Our kids continue to astound us with winning performances at local, state and national tournaments. See images from last month's National Tournament 

When: Sundays @ 1:30 – 4 pm (we start on time and finish all activity)

Location: 6233 San Jose Blvd. San Jose Church of Christ

Lead instructor: Kevin Pryor (904) 607-9111

USCF Certified Instructor Level 2 & Local Tournament Director

2018 Winter dates (only):

JAN 7th, 14th & 21st
FEB 4th, 11th & 25th 
MAR 11th & 25th 

Returning student costs 

$95 = $80 Tuition & $15 for workbook/textbook (new item). 

Note this is not a tuition increase, but all students will use the workbook for homework. Note: returning student cost could be higher if renewal of JAXCC and/or USCF membership is required..

New student costs 

$140 (new students, unless US Chess OR JAXCC members already)

$80 Tuition 

$15 Annual Scholastic USCF Membership (ID# via email) Complete US Chess form and we'll upload membership

$10 JAXCC membership (Join on a website via passcode sent by email)

$20 Tournament Chess Bundle (board, set & bag) - can be waived, if student brings a tournament chess set and board

$15 Book Fee (while supplies last - we have about 40 texts) Chess Tactics for Students by John A. Bain 224 pages containing 434 problem workbook

Free Entry to 1 tournament during the semester- a $40 value (This ensures your student obtains a US Chess Rating).

Registration Forms

Come join us. Space is limited. Complete the two forms below and bring them with you to your first session. Tuition will be pro-rated based upon the week your child joins. No other adjustments will be made for classes missed or anticipated absences. 

USCF MembershipForm JAXCC Registration

The ways to pay: Cash, PayPal (onsite), checks payable to JAXCC

​Please email me with any questions and check out our facebook page ​



Kevin Pryor

JAXCC | Jacksonville Chess Club