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Scholastic Player Checklist

 Players Checklist for your first tournament:

1. Registration with USCF and USCF ID#. We can register on site, but you can avoid the wait by going to the and paying online now. Make sure to print a copy of the temporary card. Bring it tomorrow. Players without a USCF ID# or not paying for USCF membership will be paired in the non-rated section. 

2. Online registration is at Walk-up registration on site will be available, but only Check or cash will be accepted. No credit cards. 

3. Only USCF/FIDE regulation chess equipment will be used - no coffee table sets are permitted. Bring your own chess set, board and pieces to the event. We will have some clocks, boards, sets and scoresheets for sale. MARK YOUR PIECES and Clock with your name or initials. Sets get confused and without names or initials on bottom of pieces or boldly written on clocks, confusion sets in when time to pack up after each game. MARK YOUR PIECES on the felt bottom. You'll thank us later.

4. Set your chess clock tonight! There are several kinds of clocks and few people are experts at setting more than one type. KNOW YOUR CLOCK. PRACTICE TONIGHT! Time control is G/30:d5. Stated as Game in 30 with a 5 second delay. Means each player has 30 minutes on their clock face. You have program the clock to  something like this IMG_2023 Both sides having 30 minutes. NOW the 5 second delay--- this is a feature that makes the clock wait for 5 seconds BEFORE officially counting down a players time. It allows players a chance to write their move without the clock impacting their time. IT MUST BE SET by reading the instruction manual for your clock.

5. Make plans for bringing or providing lunch for your player. The event will last until around 2pm. No food or drink is provided, but there are places to eat nearby. We have a 30 minute break between the 3rd & 4th round. You will need to bring food to your player as there is very little time to drive away with your player. Comfort tip: Bring a light jacket, sweater or wear pants/sleeves to avoid getting cold while sitting over the board.

6. Join the Jacksonville Chess Club to support chess in North Florida. We have worked to bring the club back and we have a long way to go. Take advantage of the built in savings on events for club members. We want you on our team. Youth membership is $10/year, $20 for adults, and $35 for families. The membership pays for itself in discounts, but it helps us with costs. We are an incorporated Not-for-profit with a board that functions as a public trust. All monies go into chess for kids and adults. 

7. Make plans to arrive early. There will be lines of people registering. We need to get that done before starting round 1. Those who arrive after registration will have to wait until the next round to play.