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This weekend 11 JAXCC players have had to decide whether to play in Florida or Georgia. Seven players, including 17 year old Women's FIDE Master Laura Zayas is headed to the Florida state championship in Orlando hosted by the Florida Chess Association. Four others are bound to Brunswick, Georgia for the Golden Isles Scholastic Chess Association's 4th in a series event. We wish them all the best and we will report back when results have come in. GO

March 5th JAXCC Double Event

We will host another dual chess offering at San Jose Church of Christ (Family Life Center) on 6233 San Jose Blvd.

Winter Scholastic Series Finale (K-12) Event #2 of 3

Entry: $25 general USCF / JAXCC $20 members

All players must have USCF ID #s to register. New players can register on-site or before the event.

Time: 9 am Registration Opens (Cash or check); Round 1 starts at 9:30. Play is usually completed by 3 pm

Play: 4 rounds  G/30;d5

Sections: 2 sections. All players must be USCF members with USCF ID #

Prizes: Trophies to top three finishers in each section.  Grand prix points to all participants that count toward series trophy levels when combined with wins or draws.  Door prizes: Children's chess book and Searching for Bobby Fisher DVD. Clocks, boards and sets now available for sale at the event - cash sale only. Join JAX's fastest growing rated youth chess event.


JAXCC March Open (all players/all levels) Special Pricing $25/$20

Time controls G/60;d5. Longer time controls works better for some players, so here is a local event that fits that group. Stronger scholastics can play up against adults. This is can be a ratings booster for many kids.

Entry: $25 general USCF   /  $20  JAXCC members (cash or check only)

ONLINE REGISTRATION: until Mar 4 @ 11:00pm (credit card only)

Walk-up Registration: opens at 9:45

All players must have USCF ID #s to register. New players can register on-site or before the event.

Round 1 starts at 10:00 all round start shortly after. 30 minute lunch break between R2 & R3.

Play: 4 rounds  G/60;d5

2 Sections: Open & U1500; Under prizes for 1st U1800 and 1st U1200

Prizes: $300 (b/o 10 players) with under prizes for lower rated

Prize distribution can increase with more players.


The second of our three-part Scholastic Series for this Winter was held on February 13th.

Congrats to this who placed in the top three positions

1st - Brooks (USCF Rated 656)

2nd Shubham (USCF Rated 845)

3rd Spencer (USCF Rated 452)

February Series Winner - Brooks studies the board before his next move.


A new page has been created to show the standings of all players who have competed in the series so far. Click here to see the page.

About the series: This USCF RATED event is open to all scholastic players (K-12) who are registered with the United States Chess Federation ( Registration is $17 per year for a youth membership. A USCF ID # will be provided with a successful registration. Every player in our tournament must have a USCF ID number to participate.

2016 will be the most robust offering of club activity in nearly a decade. If you love to play tournament chess, we are building a slate of activity that far exceeds the 4 events per year of recent years.  This bold undertaking will require more players, supporters and Tournament resources to make happen. Please be generous with your time when asked to help.


  • Rated tournaments every month (JAN-DEC)
  • Multi-day OPEN event in July with the intent of drawing more players from further away and larger payouts
  • Girls/Ladies Only event. Why not? No one is doing it and we are looking for sponsors who see the opportunity to get onboard with such a unique event.
  • More scholastic offerings with the intent of building a new base of players who compete locally, statewide and nationally
  • Special tournaments that continue to round out area players in all three USCF rating formats: Regular, Blitz and Quick rated events.

Slate of Upcoming Tournaments 

Open Events

(All Players –Adult & Youth)

February 13th             Winter Open (G/45;d5) ; Location: San Jose Church of Christ

March 5th                 March Open (G/60;d5) ; Location: San Jose Church of Christ

April 9th                       JAX & JILLS – Girls/Ladies Only Open ; Location: San Jose Church of Christ

May 14th                    Spring Open (G/45;d5) ; Location: TBA

June 4th                     NFO Warm-up G/70;d5  Location: TBA

July 16 & 17th            North Florida Open (2 day Event) G/90;d5 ; Location: TBA

August 27th                Quick Chess Championship G/25;d5 ; Location: TBA

November 12th         JAX City Championship (G/45;d5) ; Location: TBA

December 10th          JAX Merry Blitzmas ; Location: TBA

Scholastic Events

(Players in grades K-12 only)

January 9th                Winter Scholastic Series #1 ; Location: San Jose Church of Christ

February 13th            Winter Scholastic Series #2 ; Location: San Jose Church of Christ

March 5th                 Winter Scholastic Series #3 Location: San Jose Church of Christ

September 10th        Fall Scholastic Series #1 ; Location: TBA

October 15th              Fall Scholastic Series #2 ; Location: TBA

November 12th         Fall Scholastic Series #3 ; Location: TBA

"Events Tab" on website for details on each event.

Our first offering of a Grand Prix points competition ended with our tournament on December 6th with two sections: Players K-6 and rated below 700 (U700) along with an OPEN section for all players rated above 700. The field of 13 players included more newcomers and one of them was rated over 1000.

Here are the final results and qualifiers for series recognition at Bronze, Silver or Gold levels.

2015 Fall Scholastic Results

Join Us on December 12 at San Jose Church of Christ for another DOUBLE EVENT:

JAXCC Double Event

When: Saturday, DEC 12th 

Location: San Jose Church of Christ - Family Life Center

Fall Scholastic Series Event #3 of 3

Entry: $25 general / $20 members

Time: 9am Registration Opens; Round 1 starts at 9:30

Play: 4 rounds  G/30;d5

Sections: 4 sections: Rated and Non-rated (beginner)

Prizes: Trophies to top three finishers in each section.  Grand prix points to all participants that count toward series trophy levels when combined with wins or draws.


Merry  Blitzmas Championship

Entry: $15 general / $10 members

Time: Noon Registration Opens; Round 1 starts at 12:30

Play: 8 rounds  G/5;d0

Sections: Open

Prizes: $200 (b/o 20 players) with under prizes and Champions trophy

On Saturday November 7th, JAXCC will host a double event at the University of North Florida. Two U.S.C.F. sanctioned events - Same Day!

2015 City Championship: Our annual 5 round event that now boasts over $400 in prize money and our first champion's trophy to the winner. DSC_0020This is an open event that is expected to draw over 20 adult players in two sections OPEN & U1500. Click here for more details. 



2015 JAXCC Fall Scholastic Series #2 of 3 for all youths K - 12. A 4 round event that is also being held in the Student Union building, this is the second of our new scholastic level competition program. Trophies to kids who place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in their section. Participations medals for kids who attend two events. DSC_0306Grand Prix style points qualification towards series recognitions. There is also a section for beginners who do not want to play in the rated
sections. Click here for more details. Our last event was our first and it drew 20 scholastic players. Come out and be a part of fun.

Registrations will be accepted the day of the event on site or skip the line and pre-register online at Either way you'll be in the action when Round 1 begins.

Email us with any questions.

JAX City Championship

November 7 @ 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

| $35

A USCF rated tournament that is open to everyone. It our third scheduled major event of the calendar year.

2 Sections:  Champions section & U1500 section

5SS (rounds of gamesG/45min + d5sec (each player has 45 minutes plus a 5 sec delay)

EF: $35 .  Members receive discounted price  $5 off for regular level.

Registration:  ONSITE Cash or check only accepted the morning of the event  or  Online RegistrationOpens in a new window is currently open.  Use PayPal or any Major Credit Card until November 6, 2015 @ 11pm via Chess Register website. Expired USCF registration can be renewed via Chess Register. NO CREDIT CARDS accepted onsite.

USCF membership required (we will assist you with a new membership or you need to renew on-site).

Prizes: Over $400 Prizes (b/20 players) for top two in each section and cash prizes for best players U1800, U1600 & U1300. NEW: Champions Trophy to overall winner. 
Time: Registration 10:30 am - 11:00 am
Rds: 11:00 am, 1:00 pm, 2:45 pm, 4:30 pm, 6:15 pm. (15min break between Rds.)
Lunch: 12:30 pm - 1:00 pm
Ends: 8:00 pm 
Bring own sets and clocks. None provided. Wheelchair accessible.
BYE: 1/2 point bye available (limit 2) any round, must commit before Rd 2. Late arrivals will be given 1/2 point byes for missed rounds (up to and including round 2). USCF ANTD Stephen Lampkin, Chief TD.  
Questions/Comments email

2015 City Championship Warm-up

NOTE: LOCATION is San Jose Church of Christ for warm-up event only. UNF for City Championship on November 7th. Please make note of the two venues.

October 17 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm | $20 - $25

This is a scaled down version with cash payouts and FOUR rounds. This tournament is open to all players (adults and youth).

Entry Fee: $25 General ; $20 JAXCC Members

Online Registration

Opens in a new window

is available using PayPal/Major Credit Cards until 10/16/15 @ 11pm via Chess Register website.

Expired USCF registration can be renewed via Chess Register. 

4SS USCF-rated. Must have USCF membership (may renew/join on-site). Prizes based on 20 full entries. Please bring clocks and sets. None provided.

Sections: Open and Reserve U1500

Event Organizer: Kevin Pryor 

Location: San Jose Church of Christ on 6233 San Jose Blvd Jacksonville Florida. 

Registration: 09:00am - 9:30 am 

TC: G/45 mins + 5sec delay (G/45;d5)

Rounds: 9:45, 11:30, (Break 1:00-1:30), 1:30, 3:15  - Awards @ 4:30pm

Prizes: $225 (b/o 15 entries) :  Open 1st - $100, 2nd - $50, U1800 - $25, U1500: 1st $25, U1000: $25

Contact Jacksonville Chess Club

We'd like to thank everyone for coming out and making our first JAXCC Scholastic Series Event a success!

In each event, players score points both for games played (1 point per game played or full- point bye and ½ point for a half-point bye) and for game results (1 point for every win or full-point bye, and ½ point for every draw or half-point bye).

The maximum score for class trophy purposes is 24 points. There are three classes of trophies:

– Bronze class: 15–17.5 points

– Silver class: 18–20 points

– Gold class: 20.5 or more points

Player Name Total Pts Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
LAURA  PRICE       3.5      H    W   8     W   5   W   4

For example, Laura Price finished the tournament with 3.5 points out of 4. She requested a first round bye because she was running late from her soccer game. As a result of requesting a bye, she qualifies for a ½ point bye. If she was not paired for the first round or any other round due to an uneven number of participants, she would have received a full-point bye.

Laura had a great tournament and won her next 3 games. For game 1 she gets .5 points for games played and .5 points for game results, totaling 1 point for Round 1. For Rounds 2, 3 and 4 she gets a full point for each game played, totaling 3 points. She also gets a full point for each game won, totaling another 3 points. When we tally everything up, Laura has a cumulative total of 7 points for the October tournament.

Cumulative points will be updated here after every tournament in the series.

Player Name Cumulative Points